Heritage and Landrace Grain Network

Over the course of the last decade, interest in reviving organic heritage grains has increased dramatically. There has been a rise in appreciation of their beauty, nutritional value, genetic diversity, and fascinating histories. The importance of incorporating them into a sustainable crop rotation and their inherent adaptability are additional compelling qualities. As our climate continues… Continue reading Heritage and Landrace Grain Network

Fertility Guide Companion

This companion guide goes along with the “Organic Fertility Guide and Tool Template” created by Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center. The purpose of this guide is to support farmers and growers to understand how much fertilizer to apply throughout the year to better manage crop and soil health and prevent nutrient leaching. There are many… Continue reading Fertility Guide Companion

Crop Rotations, Composting and Cover Crops for Organic Vegetable Production

Organic production and consumption has increased to a $39.5 billion industry in the United States with over 22,000 organic farmers. Over 5.4 million acres are in organic production in the U.S., including 164,403 acres of organic vegetables, valued at $1.3 billion. The majority of organic vegetable growers incorporate crop rotations, composting, and cover crops in… Continue reading Crop Rotations, Composting and Cover Crops for Organic Vegetable Production

Cover Crop Economics

Based primarily on yield and economic data gathered through five years of national cover crop surveys, Cover Crop Economics: Opportunities to Improve Your Bottom Line in Row Crops addresses the kinds of economic returns that can be expected from cover crops, both under various management scenarios and as cover crops improve soil health over time.… Continue reading Cover Crop Economics

Reduced Tillage in Organic Vegetable Production

This video is intended for organic vegetable producers and agricultural professionals, especially in the maritime northwest. Techniques and findings from recent research are shared to assist producers in trialing reduced tillage systems. The video covers the concept of reduced tillage organic agriculture, cover crop and weed management, and specialized equipment.

Organic Alfalfa Management Guide

Looking to switch to organic alfalfa production? This management guide details the considerations and procedures for doing so.

Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures

Cover crops could be considered the backbone of any annual cropping system that seeks to be sustainable. In this publication we summarize the principal uses and benefits of cover crops and green manures. Brief descriptions and examples are provided for winter cover crops, summer green manures, living mulches, catch crops, and some forage crops.

Innovative Cover Crop Techniques

Watch this webinar to learn about new and innovative uses of cover crops in organic vegetable and strawberry production. Speakers will cover a range of topics including the use of cover crops in beds and furrows between black plastic mulch; using cover crops to reduce tillage and for nitrogen; and interseeding cover crops.