Heritage and Landrace Grain Network

Over the course of the last decade, interest in reviving organic heritage grains has increased dramatically. There has been a rise in appreciation of their beauty, nutritional value, genetic diversity, and fascinating histories. The importance of incorporating them into a sustainable crop rotation and their inherent adaptability are additional compelling qualities. As our climate continues to change in unpredictable ways, identifying crops that display disease resistance and the ability to thrive under a range of conditions becomes increasingly vital.

As part of this resurgence, the Maine Grain Alliance launched the Heritage and Landrace Grain Network. This site is designed as a space where those engaged in all aspects of growing and working with organic heritage and landrace grains could communicate with each other to share seeds and knowledge, collaborate on trials, seek out rare varieties, and be part of the growing community of those who understand the importance of preserving and expanding the cultivation of these valuable crops.