Organic Certifiers in Arizona

Organic Certifiers in Arizona Q1 AZ fact sheet which provides basic information on the certification process, requirements, and certifiers available to AZ producers


TOPP West OTI Printable flier for partners to raise awareness of supports through NRCS-EQIP in English

Organic Sunflower Production

Sunflowers can increase diversity in organic grain crop rotations, which is important for managing fertility, insects, weeds and diseases. They can also contribute to the diversification of farm revenue through access to a variety of markets.

Organic Management of Fall Armywork

Fall armyworms can be devastating for corn and also feed on a variety of grasses. Some researchers have suggested that if northern locations begin to experience warmer winters, fall armyworm could become a more frequent pest in the northern U.S. This resource covers organic management practices for fall armyworm.