Podcast : From Soil to Certification – The Organic Journey with Sam Welsh

On this special edition of the Tractor Time podcast, hosted by Taylor Henry, CEO of Acres U.S.A, we delve into sustainable farming, regenerative practices, and organic certification with guest Sam Welsh from OneCert, Inc. Sam Welsh shares his journey from executive director at OCIA to founding OneCert in 2003 and its growth to include a… Continue reading Podcast : From Soil to Certification – The Organic Journey with Sam Welsh

Understanding Organic Labeling Requirements and Label Claims

This webinar addresses labeling requirements under the National Organic Program as well as other labeling claims such as non-GMO, natural and more. Join Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) staff and other guest speakers to learn about the intricacies of various label claims and how to ensure that your labels are compliant.

Preventative Practices for Organic Handlers

Organic handlers are operations that process, package or sell organic products. They are required to prevent mixing organic and non-organic ingredients. Learn about preventative practices to meet this requirement in this short video.

Preventing Commingling/Contamination in Organic Handling

USDA organic regulations require certified handlers to prevent commingling of organic and non-organic products. Handlers must also prevent organic products from being contaminated by any prohibited material. Learn the basic requirements of preventing commingling and contamination in organic handling with this fact sheet.