Evaluating Organic Inputs for Improving Soil Health in Blueberry Production

In this webinar, Shikha Singh of Oregon State University will discuss the suitability of different locally available organic materials to improve the quality of sandy and calcareous soils of eastern Oregon and Washington and improve organic blueberry production. More specifically, we are looking at impacts of different organic amendments on physical, chemical, and biological health… Continue reading Evaluating Organic Inputs for Improving Soil Health in Blueberry Production

Making the Transition from Conventional to Organic

Farming organically allows producers to incur many economic and social advantages compared to farming conventionally. Understanding and planning the economic returns of the transition process can aid the producer in planning and in becoming organically certified.

Weed Management for Organic Farmers

Organic farmers use a wide variety of tools and strategies to control weeds without synthetic chemicals. Those tools and strategies and their effects on soil quality are discussed.

Organic No-Till Production

Reduced tillage or no-till can provide multiple environmental benefits, particularly in the area of soil health, as well as reducing machinery, labor and fuel costs. With organic no-till, herbicides cannot be used to terminate cover crops, as is practiced in conventional no-till. Iowa State University has worked with the Rodale Institute (RI) in conducting research… Continue reading Organic No-Till Production

Growing Organic Vegetables in Iowa

Organic production and consumption has increased over the past 20 years. Learn how to raise organic vegetables – including strategies for composting, pest management, and disease management.

Washington State Organic Input Material List

The WSDA Organic Input Material List includes a list of all materials that we have reviewed and approved for use in organic agriculture. This list is typically updated quarterly. Materials on this list have been reviewed by WSDA organic staff and are approved for use in organic agriculture.