Organic Grain Mentorship Mentee Curriculum

This is the core mentee curriculum for the Organic Grain Mentorship Program occurring in Illinois. This resource outlines the structure of the program, the major topics to be covered, and a system of feedback and evaluation for mentors, mentees, and the program.

What is Active Listening

This article describes 7 active listening techniques, discusses why active listening is important, and shares some ways to improve active listening skills.

Understanding Cultural Competence for Equity and Inclusion

A short summary of cultural competence for equity and inclusion. This resource summarizes and expands the mentor training titled “Mentoring with Cultural Competence.” This resource sheet provides further information for understanding the importance of cultural competence for mentoring. Developed and published by educator Diane J. Goodman.

NW TOPP Mentorship Onboarding Agreement

This onboarding agreement is intended for mentor and mentee to use together in the beginning of the mentorship to aid in forming a meeting and communication plan as well as mentee and mentor learning and mentorship goals.

Guide for Starting a Mentorship

Guide for mentors and mentees to use when starting their mentorship. Provides topics and questions for mentors and mentees to ask each other in the beginning of their mentorship.