Organic Labeling and Composition Guide

This document discusses the labeling requirements of the standards to which we certify. Covered are all certification categories from a bulk labeled single ingredient product to complicated multi-ingredient processed product.

Understanding Organic Labeling Requirements and Label Claims

This webinar addresses labeling requirements under the National Organic Program as well as other labeling claims such as non-GMO, natural and more. Join Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) staff and other guest speakers to learn about the intricacies of various label claims and how to ensure that your labels are compliant.

A Guide for Organic Processors

This publication is intended primarily as a guide for farmers who wish to add value to their organic crops through processing. It does not include the farm practices that are required to grow organic crops, raise organic livestock, or obtain organic certification for a farm. Information on those topics can be found in other ATTRA… Continue reading A Guide for Organic Processors