Establishing Organic Buffers

This fact-sheets from WSDA explains the organic regulations on boundaries and buffer zones and how to minimize risk of contamination by using buffers.

Preventative Practices for Organic Handlers

Organic handlers are operations that process, package or sell organic products. They are required to prevent mixing organic and non-organic ingredients. Learn about preventative practices to meet this requirement in this short video.

Preventing Commingling/Contamination in Organic Handling

USDA organic regulations require certified handlers to prevent commingling of organic and non-organic products. Handlers must also prevent organic products from being contaminated by any prohibited material. Learn the basic requirements of preventing commingling and contamination in organic handling with this fact sheet.

Pressure-Treated Wood: Organic and Natural Alternatives

This publication provides an overview of the key concepts and practices of certified organic crop production. It also presents perspectives on many of the notions, myths, and issues that have become associated with organic agriculture over time. A guide to useful ATTRA resources and to several non-ATTRA publications is provided.