Livestock and Crops: Korey Fauque’s Montana Dryland Farm Part II

Part two of the webinar series. Korey Fauque and his wife Wendy farm 4,500 acres of dryland ground in northern Montana where there is a 10-inch to 12-inche average rainfall. They grow spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, canola, mustard, yellow peas, chickpeas, and cover crops. They run 70 head of Moderator cattle (Aberdeen Angus crossed with Angus) and 70 yearlings on 1,000 acres of grassland that is intensively grazed. The cattle also graze cover crop and crop aftermath. The yearling steers are finished on grass and sold as grass-finished beef. Korey and Wendy are reducing inputs through crop rotations and a focus on soil health, which has allowed them to drastically reduce spending on fertilizer and chemical applications.

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