UMass Extension Vegetable Program: Organic Management of Vegetable Pests

April 10, 2024
10:00 am
April 10, 2024
1:00 pm
Brigham Hill Community Farm: North Grafton, MA
UMass Extension

Since the organic pesticide toolbox is limited is size and efficacy, cultural controls are very important tools. Learn how to use cultural practices like crop rotation and variety selection to minimize pest pressure, use mechanical controls to avoid pests, how to harness the power of beneficial organisms for biocontrol, and safely and effectively use OMRI-approved pesticides when necessary. How do you determine when it is necessary to spray? How do you go about doing that? What are the options if you are certified organic? We will also share resources you can use to identify pests on your farm, scouting protocols, the decision-making process growers use to make pest management decisions, and tools you can use to improve your success each year.

Presenter: Sue grew up in Worcester, MA and had no idea there were farms in MA until she went to college in Amherst, at Hampshire College. After working on a farm in the valley, Sue discovered Extension and a passion for using her science training to help growers find solutions to their pest problems. She has an MS in Plant Pathology from Cornell University, and has been working as a vegetable IPM specialist at UMass for the past 10 years. In addition to grower education and assistance, Sue runs an applied research program and enjoys trying new ideas, testing new varieties, and counting bugs.

Space is limited for in-person attendance, so the event will also be livestreamed via Zoom. Please let us know if you need to cancel your in-person registration for any reason.