Crop Planning

Seasoned farmer Abeni Ramsey, of City Girl Farm, discusses how to assess climate, site conditions (including topography & soil types & drainage), calculating bed length, and yield per sq foot; and seasonality – understanding what you can plant when.

Organic Grain Mentorship Mentee Curriculum

This is the core mentee curriculum for the Organic Grain Mentorship Program occurring in Illinois. This resource outlines the structure of the program, the major topics to be covered, and a system of feedback and evaluation for mentors, mentees, and the program.

Organic Crop Production Enterprise Budgets

An enterprise budget is an estimate of the costs and returns to produce a product. This publication looks at enterprise budgets for organic growers, reflecting a four-year rotation using corn, soybeans, oats with alfalfa and a second year of alfalfa

Evaluating Organic Transitions at the Field Level

This publication provides information on making plans to transition to organic crop production. It helps outline the need for a transition crop plan, the importance of individual crop budgets, and evaluating results.

Soil Quality in Organic Agriculture Systems

Building and maintaining soil quality is the basis for successful organic farming. Topics of crop rotations, soil amendments, soil health, carbon sequestration, organic agriculture philosophies, and relevant related field research are included.