Mentorship Pairing Guide for Mentors

Guide for mentors when first matched with a mentee. Provides questions and topics for consideration to decide whether to start a mentorship with a mentee.

Mentorship Pairing Guide for Mentors
Use this guide to determine if a mentorship match is the right fit for you.
Once you are matched with a transitioning producer:

Reach out to the transitioning producer to schedule a phone call.

2. During and after the phone call, determine if the match is right for you.
3. Email your mentorship program staff with your decision on whether you
would like to continue with the match.

Questions to ask transitioning producer during phone call:

What are the transitioning producer’s goals and what are they looking for
help with?
Why has the transitioning producer signed up for mentorship?
What crops and/or livestock is the producer transitioning?
What is the size of the operation (and any other details about the operation)?
What production practices has the producer been following?
(conventional/organic/a mix?)
What does the transitioning producer find most daunting about
What are some things the transitioning producer likes to do in their free

Questions to ask yourself after the phone call:

Do I have the skills and knowledge to help this transitioning producer with
their goals?
Do I think I will be able to build rapport with this person?
Will I be able to respect this person’s views and opinions?
How do I feel after talking with this person?

Once you have made your decision on whether you would like to continue
with this mentorship match, email or call your mentorship program staff
with your decision.

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